Review: The Ville Regent Hotel Restaurant

Review: The Ville Regent Hotel Restaurant

So every time I pass by Wuse 2 on Aminu Kano crescent to be precise, I always somehow find myself staring at  this really nice looking Hotel called the Ville Regent Hotel, I don’t know if any of you have noticed it, but if you’ve been in that area I’m sure you must have, it simply stands out.  I’ve always wanted to go in but I needed a reason to and what a perfect day than for a friend’s birthday?

We went restaurant hunting and ended up at the hotel. As we walked into the restaurant we instantly fell in love with the decor of the place and the view!  I’m a sucker for a place with a good view and this was just it! The first thing I noticed in the restaurant was their African art pieces and painting. As we proceeded to sit down we noticed that the art pieces were actually for sale and in some weird way I felt almost like I was in an art gallery (loved it).


We looked at their menu and it was quite versatile as it covered an array of cuisines from Indian(which made up 70% of their menu), Chinese, Italian and even Nigerian. The prices were also decent and we all know a major problem with some restaurants in Abuja are the prices and I love me a good restaurant with good food and average prices.

We ordered both Garlic and buttered Nan bread, Chicken Biryani, Aloo Palak and Chicken wings. Firstly the food took forever to come out (40mins) and when it did we were disappointed. The Chicken Wings were rubbery, hard and did not taste good I felt like I was battling with a live chicken!!! . The Aloo Palak tasted okay but didn’t look appealing to the eyes (it looked like a dark green paste of baby food with potatoes in it), the spices weren’t too heavy in the dish which can be a good thing, but it just wasn’t right for this dish. The Chicken Biryani was a huge portion but the taste was below average it literally tasted like regular NIGERIAN basmati fried rice with Extra Garam Masala to just give it an Indian flavor. The Nan bread was simply pathetic in all honesty. The bread was crispy, very flaky and tasted like crackers (you know the biblical expression regarding ‘break bread’ we found ourselves literally breaking bread).

Beyond the food, another thing that makes someone come back to a restaurant is the behavior of the staff. The staff members weren’t too bad they were polite and friendly, they greeted us with a smile at the door, but weren’t really attentive and were just too slow throughout. When we placed the order for the garlic nan and it was unavailable rather than the waiter coming to tell us, he simply went ahead and ordered plain nan on our behalf – which I thought was wrong (Oversabie much?).

If you are looking for a place with a nice view and ambience this is your place, but if you’re looking for a place with good Indian food perhaps not (maybe they were having a bad day) but first impressions count!

Bon Appetit


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