Nkoyo – A Beautiful Thing

Nkoyo – A Beautiful Thing

Nkoyo, a place which truly reflects the meaning behind its name – “The Most Beautiful Amongst Many.”



It’s been a while since I walked into a restaurant and was in complete awe of the place(no! I’m not exaggerating). As my girlfriend and I walked in a waitress in a cute ankara dress walked up to us and asked if we wanted to

sit in the ‘Nkoyo section( African section) or the Maasala section (South Indian section) we stood there for a little while deliberating where we wanted to sit as the gorgeous decor got us confused. The decor was simply exquisite it was the perfect fusion of African and Indian decor; bamboo trunks used to decorate the place, african printed table cloths and hand painted Indian and African symbols on the walls. You know when they say it is all in the little details? These people captured it well.

The food was fantastic! Ever heard of the hausa saying ‘santi’? That is what is doing me now as I am writing this, the best way I can describe what santi means is in pidgin english which means ‘longer throat’. My mouth is still watering for some more. We ordered the Kermes sandwich(with chips), chicken wings and their avocado and prawn salad. The Kermes Sandwich was the best of them all, the flavours were perfectly locked in, the bread had a sweet taste and almost like it was fried in butter as it was perfectly toasted, filled with a minced lamb, potatoes and vegetables stuffing with the right amount of spices. The chips were chunky almost like potato wedges, but tasted like home made chips and not french fries, but we love potato wedges so it was perfect for us. The Prawn and avocado salad was good, they were very generous with the portion of prawns(if there is one thing I have noticed in most restaurants in Nigeria is that when it comes to seafood they are a little stingy with it) the prawns had a light dressing on it, I couldn’t make it out but I’m sure it was olive oil and lime. However, even though I enjoyed the salad I had to ask for a side order of Mayonnaise, as I felt like the salad was lacking in dressing so I used mayo as my dressing as mayo and avocado are a perfect combination and the salad simply tasted divine! The wings were well grilled, soft and tasted good.

Just as we finished our meal we decided to walk round and we bumped into one of the owners who gave a brief history behind the name which is derived from the Efik tribe and means something beautiful. We had a little chat with him of not only the tradition but idea behind the place, truly interesting.

If all I have listed isn’t enough to drag you out there,  for all you music lovers out there; there is a piano, which anyone can play to keep people entertained. The meals range from 1500-3000naira which I think is relatively cheap especially as the portions are large.

One thing I know is I am definently going back there, perhaps this time I might take a look at their other branch in K-City plaza in Wuse 2(the one I visited is their branch at Ceddi Plaza).

Ohh and did I mention my friend got a compliment by a waitress(which I thought was sweet and polite) on her dressing, Lawd knows next time I’m gon be looking fly so I can get me a compliment! 😉


Bon apetit! Or as they say in hindi आप का खाना स्वादिष्ट हो (āp kā khānā svādiṣṭa ho)



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