Caudalie Devine Oil: 100 Ways To Use A Dry Oil

Caudalie Devine Oil: 100 Ways To Use A Dry Oil
Come rain, come shine, Come summer, come winter. I can truly say the Caudalie Divine Oil stands the test of time. I got this product when I bought my Caudalie Serum as part of the gift set. Nope, actually, I purchased it as a traveller set separately. Either way, I bought them at the same time during my memorable 24 hours layover in Paris. Caudalie Divine Oil is a luxurious dry oil formulated with a rich blend of grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan oils.
The smell: I love the smell of the oil, it is extremely relaxing and exotic. It smells like a luxurious spa with a burst of all the most calming essential oils fused together. The oil oozes an infusion of floral and herby with under-notes of sweet spices scent. It is very unlikely that you will hate the scent because it comes at you with the best of both worlds. At first, you may say it is a musky scent, but it grows into so much more with woody notes, and then it calms down into a subtle yet prominent long-lasting smell.
Now that I have convinced you it is the best scent in the world with a majestic complexity, LOL. Let’s move on to why you really need this oil in your life. For a long time, I assumed it was just a great dry oil, as this is how it’s categorised in the market. However, this product is actually dubbed a “Divine Oil” by Caudalie. And it was a fellow beauty blogger that further stressed out in a video review that “it is not a dry oil, it is a divine oil.” Additionally saying she hates the way dry oils feel on her skin. It was then that I fully appreciated this product for being a pioneer amongst its peers by setting a new precedent for “dry oils”. Leaving aside the fact that this oil is one you can use from head to toe in a multitude of ways. The oil actually lives up to and exceeds expectations where ever you want to apply it. Take for example you can use it right after your shower as an oil rinse, or as a moisturiser when you get out of the shower.
The big bottle comes with a spray nozzle (yes, I know, it gets fancier). Easily spray your skin with the fine mist for a long-lasting moisturised skin. It can be a good replacement for your moisturiser since it is not oily or sticky, and it is not drying or waxy either. That alone is a great reason I adore this oil so much. I know sometimes I get on an au naturel kick and I try to use olive or coconut oil to moisturise my skin. The problem I have with using common carrier oils is my feet get so dirty! Even if I stay indoors, I think the oil becomes a magnet to dirt particles and at the end of the day, I hate my feet. However, the Caudalie Divine Oil can comfortably replace your body lotion, butter, or cream without the greasy feel or dirty feet.
For hair: As you know I have curly hair, but when my hair is straight, I like to use this product on my hair. If you have straight hair, this is perfect for shine and moisture without the greasy waxy feeling. After a while it soaks up into my hair, making it feel hydrated. (warning: this is not a growth potion, only a nice product to use).
I love the travel size which I first purchased. If you want to try this product I suggest you buy the travel size first and before going for the bigger bottle. Nonetheless, I still recommend you keep a bottle of the travel size with you at all times. Due to the plethora of ways to use this product, you need a travel size on your person always. It is particularly a wonderful travel companion for me. After a long flight, I simply use this to freshen up. I also use a bit on my neck and behind my ears or even dab some on my clothing (dark coloured clothes) as perfume. – Yep, as perfume. If you are like me, you often forget to bring along things like your travel perfume etc. Thus making this product my travel companion since I can use it from head to toe in almost a 100 ways. Moreover, it is fantastic to have one product in a miniature heaven-sent bottle, with which you can handle all your bare necessities.
Tell me if you like the idea of the Caudalie oil, have you used it before? Or have you encountered something better?
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  1. Thayara Nascimento
    March 15, 2018 / 12:37 am

    Reading your article just made me feel very relaxing about this oil i’m A really fan of oils and this one should be on my list for sure ! Thank you so much for sharing

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