6 Steps To A Beautiful Night And Refreshed Morning

6 Steps To A Beautiful Night And Refreshed Morning

After a long day of hustle and bustle you are likely to wake up stressed and looking it the next morning. Especially if you have to go to work again, but here are some tips and tricks for night time beauty routine:

Makeup free – Rid your face from make up completely, use a makeup remover or wipes to remove all that makeup. A fantastic makeup removing wipes that I swear by is huggies baby wipes. My sister told me about it and I was instantly hooked.

Wash your face – Never omit washing your face at night, even if you won’t take a night shower. Your face is exposed to the elements all day long, even if you don’t go outside. Also, let me stress that makeup removing wipes are not good enough. I have witnessed people wipe their face with makeup removing wipes and put on their night-time moisturiser, OMG! I simply cringe until I forget the horror. I’d rather sleep in my makeup than to layer a moisturiser over it and sleep. In reality all that does is to seal in the left over makeup into your skin, and perhaps active new reactions from the combo. The naked truth is that you need to wash your face, wipes and so on are meant to break the first layer. The idea behind it is to help avoid washing your face twice, cause if you wash your face straight up it won’t suds.

Extra moisture – Moisturiesed skin is the key to youthful skin. I usually use my serums and intense moisturizing creams at night, even the oils. And yes for us oily skin girls, this is the perfect time to look like a grease ball without a care. You have no makeup to worry about and your skin reaps the benefits of all that it needs. Although I have oily skin, it lacks hydration, so I use the opportunity to hydrate my skin at night. I even add a hydrating sleeping mask like Clinique Mositure Surge over top my moisturises.

Stay Hydrated – Drink a lot of water, in fact yourself like a plant. Well at least half a glass to a full glass of water before bedtime. Water is great for your skin. It helps hydrate your skin from the inside out.

Clear your sleeping quarters – Try to have your room clean and tidy, especially your bed. Remove all clutter, have a refreshing scent I love using scented candles at night, it doubles as a night light.

Sleep early – Try to have a traditional bedtime, the earlier the better. Sleeping before the early hours of the morning (past midnight) has been scientifically proven to be more refreshing than any other time of day. By having a designated bedtime, your body will become accustomed to the hour and will automatically be sleepy by then. Essentially it will save you from tossing and turning trying to fall asleep, which ultimately adds up to a more refreshed morning.



Bonne Nuit!

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