Battle Of The Froyo – Abuja.

Battle Of The Froyo – Abuja.

When Tutti Frutti opened up in Abuja, I was all watch out now Yogoberry you’ve got serious competition.

I love deserts, particularly yogurt based deserts so you can imagine my excitement when I saw that we had both Yogoberry and Tutti Frutti. Most especially because Yogoberry has been doing me strong ting off late. Whenever I go, they hardly have the toppings I want or the usual flavour of yogurt in fact they have stopped the coconut flavour all together (that just broke a little piece of my heart ), so I tend to just pick something else out of condition. Plus the music there tends to be a little too loud for me which relegates me to siting outside so I can have nice convo’s with my friends. I must admit the fact that they have a place to sit outside is actually a motivating factor in having me go back there.

When I saw Tutti Frutti I had to walk in and when I did, the place looked really cute; I loved the decor, it was modern and fun I really was feeling the vibe of the place. I got ushered in by the Manager(which made me feel so special) she showed me how things worked. It was self service, you could put in as much as you liked and mix in any flavour you wanted, they had a wide variety of toppings which left me confused to a point that I wanted them all! (The excitement was so much that I was literally doing back flips in my head).


When she said I could taste it before getting it I thought to myself ‘child! I don’t need to taste this I’m gonna get what I want, plus can you really mess up yogurt?’ so I went for coconut and blueberry. Boy! was I disappointed I felt like the ‘yogurt’ was insulting my intelligence, it literally tasted like frozen water with milk flavour! I wasn’t impressed with their so called yogurt!  -_-!

I actually could not comprehend why it tasted weird and kept questioning myself asking if my taste buds were messed up that day. So I decided to try it a different time, this time with a bunch of friends. We all got different ones I got the Red Velvet and they all tasted like Ice cream with less sugar than usual, it tasted much better than the first time I had it but it certainly was not yogurt!


I guess its safe to say, when it comes to yogurt, Yogoberry has no competition after all. The flavours of their yogurt is always right, the staff members are relatively friendly but they need to stack up on some of their toppings and keep the place neater as it is a little messy and sometimes their toppings get mixed up(as it annoys me when I find a piece of cereal that I didn’t ask for in my yogurt.). That being said, Tutti Frutti also has everything going on for it but the yogurt itself, I love the fact that every time you go they have different unique flavours its almost like there is a new surprise for you to try every time especially for all you Ice cream and milk lovers out there!




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  1. Abdul
    September 22, 2013 / 10:27 am

    This is so so true :). Well done Tutti but Yogurberry all day everyday

  2. sub
    December 23, 2013 / 11:29 am

    Yogoberry is the BOMB!!!

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