Amazing Makeup Products That Treat Acne

Amazing Makeup Products That Treat Acne

Naturally, we are all cautious about using any makeup or even wearing the makeup we do love too much, for the fear of breakouts or at least a giant pimple. But it was to my surprise that these products which in my opinion are categorised in the makeup department, happen t be great skincare treatments. Well, to be fair the second product was dubbed by me as a makeup product. However, it can be used as a makeup product since it is a multi-purpose natural product.

As you know, I have problematic skin, highly sensitive, extremely oily and acne prone. It is through trial and error that I noticed these two products actually help bridge the way for me to be able to wear makeup on a daily basis. I first took note that when I used the Bioderma Sensibio Make-up Removing Water to remove my makeup, I seldom got a breakouts, which was a normal occurrence every time I wore makeup in the past. Not that I didn’t use makeup removers before, I’ve tried a lot of them and used great acne products like Clinique 3 Step line, still yet wearing makeup used to be such a risk for me. I was battling acne and being the inducer of my own breakouts was just a turn off for me, thus discouraging me from makeup. After making this great discovery, I took time to experiment my theory with different foundations, underneath different primers etc, just to come to a solid conclusion.

The second product took me entirely by surprise, firstly, this product is actually a skin care and an all natural product, I’m talking about Lush Tea Tree Water. I started using it as finishing spray to set my makeup, which, was unexpectedly a fantastic product to set your makeup with. Because of my oily skin, I sometimes use powder foundations, and this multi-purpose toner helps to set even my powder foundations to perfection. Little did I know this magic toner was also performing miracles behind the scenes. Before I confirmed my suspicions about the miracles of the product, I also tried it in a multitude of ways and with different products as well. Delightfully, there was no doubt this product aided in keeping my acne breakouts (that are due to makeup) at bay.

Conclusion: I think due to the fact that the Bioderma Sensibio contains ingredients like Rhamnose and Xylitol that are naturally occurring sugars, which are primarily used for anti-ageing. Rhamanose has natural anti-inflammatory properties that soothe your skin and delay ageing, ultimately anti-inflammatory agents are great for attacking or suppressing pimples. While in the case of the Lush Tea Tree Water it is a no-brainer since tea tree has great anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Making the toner a great product to prevent acne forming during the time you have your makeup on, I even use it to freshen up my makeup during the day for more effective results.

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